Madara Junga  


Practitioner of sand play therapy for more than 15 years. She has studied pedagogy, psychology and completed training at the Latvian International Institute of Sand Play Therapists, with the founder and main teacher of the Latvian Sand Play Therapy training, Vera Batņa-Ščerbickas, as well as various courses in Latvia and abroad to learn both fairy tale and art therapy methods. I consider sand play therapy to be one of the most suitable and gentle methods for children, both in cases of behavioural and somatic disorders, nocturnal enuresis, emotional support, self-esteem building and unlocking creative thinking. I use drawing, storytelling and other proactive methods in my work, allowing the language of images to reveal important and sometimes seemingly unreachable issues. And I consider the key to a successful therapeutic process to be the connection with the person, which is something we cannot learn in any university. Connection and deep contact is what, in my understanding, forms the basis and the result, what helps to transform and transform.

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