Sand therapy

A sand play, as a psychotherapy technique, is relatively new, but the imagination, which here is the main activity, has a long history. Specialists who help the children have long noticed that the children are much easier to express their experiences, needs and dreams in the game process. The child game is the same as the adult language, so the psychotherapeutic process with the child more successfully and faster happens with the help of the game.

Main tasks of Sand  therapy:

  • Easing the psychological suffering of the child, rectification of psychotraumal situations, liberation from negative emotional experiences
  • Strengthening the child's personality, building healthy self-esteem
  • Developing emotional self-control capabilities, processing aggressive emotions
  • Adult Confidence Restoration
  • You should search for a sand game therapist for the following cases:
  • Child-aggressive, indecisive, exaggerated protesing behaviour
  • Sleep, eating disorders
  • Different types of fear
  • Disbelief in yourself, doubt, low self-esteem
  • Miscellaneous symptoms (muscle, twitches, urinary incontinence, etc.)
  • Etc.

"The play in the sand is a wonderful way to take care of the soul. /V. Batna/