Project number:

European Social Fund project

“Support for social entrepreneurship”

The aim of the project is:

To identify and test optimal solution for the establishment and development of social enterprises, including support for labor integration social enterprises, in order to increase employment opportunities for the most disadvantaged unemployed, persons with disabilities and persons with mental disorders.

Opening of the Therapy center Sounds and Music !!!!!! The moment is here ...… ..

At the beginning there is a moment ..., awareness ... and THOUGHT ... As time goes by, it matures, accepts the dimensions and signals the desire to emerge and materialize ...
Therefore, by catching the idea in time , THOUGHT attracted fellow minds and encouraged me to turn into a need - by the time October 28, 2019 marked the calendar - REALIZING THE THOUGHT ...
We are delighted to announce the opening of the Sound and Music Therapy Center, which has brought together a number of professionals in a single team with the same idea, concept and goals.
One of the overarching tasks the team offers is a holistic approach based on research into medical care - treatment, rehabilitation, prevention.
We offer professional responsibility, attitude, support…
Everyone is welcome, big, small, alone and with friends, because each self-discovery is an inner awareness of the unconscious!
See you again !!!