Gentle BIO-Energetics Butterfly touch massage


The butterfly touch massage therapy technique promotes development and healing for people of all ages. It aims to heal tension in the body or "melt the armour" and restore the natural flow of life energy.

The founder of Gentle Bio-Energetics, Eva Raiha, used Butterfly Touch Massage extensively with pregnant women prenatally and with mothers and babies postnatally. This is undeniably a very important time in anyone's life. If a mother has been exposed to physical or emotional trauma during the antenatal period, the impact has been on both the mother and the baby.

Benefits. If the infant has received the caresses of the Butterfly Touch Massage directly from the mother, he/she adapts much more quickly to the new conditions after birth, From the age of 4 months and up to adulthood, tension, tone and hyperactivity are reduced when children receive the Butterfly Touch Massage. Children and young people become more open, more approachable and less anxious about their failures. When used in the family by the mother or someone else in the family, the therapy helps to develop and improve the emotional connection in relationships. After the massage, tension, tone and hyperactivity are reduced and the energy flow in the body is restored. The massage is based on a combination of exceptionally light, caressing touches and pointing vibrations. The massage activates and balances the muscles, improves sleep and psycho-emotional balance. Tactile massage is a remedy against stress, depression, stimulates the release of "happiness hormone".

It is recommended to massage in the second half of the day, as the skin is more sensitive and the effect is more effective.