MFDD - Munich Functional Development Diagnostic

The Munich Functional Development Diagnostic assesses the development of children aged 0-3 years in seven areas:
  • walking skills;
  • manual dexterity;
  • perceptual development;
  • speech development;
  • language comprehension;
  • social skills;
  • development of independence.
This diagnostic method allows us to determine the age-appropriate skills of a child in these areas. The results of the diagnostic process are summarised to provide parents with a description of their child's development. If the parents so wish, recommendations are given on how to encourage the development of certain skills in their child. The diagnostic is carried out with the child accompanied by a parent. The child is asked to perform simple age-appropriate tasks in a playful way, the child's behaviour and development are observed and the adult is asked various questions about the child's development. After the diagnosis, the results are summarised and a summary of the results with a recommendation for the parent is prepared and discussed with the parent.
The total time required for the diagnostic and discussion of the results is ~ 1.5 hours (50-60 min diagnostic and 20-30 min discussion of the results).