Daira Jonase  


Sand therapy practitioner, vibroacoustic therapist, currently studying systemic family psychotherapy. Daira is a specialist who always first and foremost explores the needs of each person, determining the most useful and appropriate therapy method for the important moments in life.

The main areas of her work are helping children to prepare for new stages in their lives, such as changing schools, adult-child relationships, children whose parents have separated, helping them to build a healthy relationship with their mum or dad's new partner, as well as solving adolescent psychological problems. The practice helps people to recover from emotional or physical trauma, burnout syndrome, mobbing in the workplace or at school, or neglectful behaviour. If the person cannot express his/her feelings in words, helps to find the most empathic approach to the process of opening up. She also works with athletes, helping them to prepare emotionally to achieve their goals and to accept sporting losses. In her work, she helps seniors regain a sense of fulfilment after retirement, dispelling feelings of loneliness and insignificance, as well as helping both parents whose children have grown up and people who have experienced the loss of a loved one.

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