Our Team

We are a team of experienced therapists and professionals who have created a safe and supportive environment for children and their families. We provide an individual approach based on the unique needs of each child. Our approach is characterized by teamwork, a common strategy, goal orientation and the development of methods/tasks. When different professionals work together in a multidisciplinary team, we ensure more effective therapy.

Evija Rolle - Kupliņa   Head of therapy center, always seeking to meet the right people (on the same wavelength), with an interest for interdisciplinary cooperation and innovation in order to increase the effectiveness and awareness of MT. B.A. in psychology,  M.A. music therapy, vibroacoustic therapist in training. Works with children, young people and adults with psychological and physical difficulties. The main goal: to support our clients in various life crisis situation through self-research, self-growth and self-realization.

Dzintra Zariņa         Certified Arts (music) Therapist, Supervisor, Vibroacoustic Therapy Therapist with a certificate of Vibroacoustic Therapy Practitioner. Works with adults and children on a variety of psychological, neurological, physical, and personal issues. The main focus of the music therapist's work is to support their clients in various crisis situations through self-study, self-growth and self-realization. Particular attention is paid to the physical aspect of the beneficial effects of sound. Vibroacoustic therapy; deep sound wave massage for psychophysiological and psychophysiological relaxation to promote the restoration of psycho-emotional balance and the body's natural self-healing abilities.

Inga Bērziņa            Certified Arts (music) Therapist, trainer and master class leader, lecturer, professional singer, vocal teacher. Works with children, adolescents, adults individually and in groups. Therapy addresses various issues related to self-esteem, emotional balancing - stress, anxiety, nervousness, depression. Helps to overcome experiences or traumatic experiences, improve relationships and conflict situations, reduce behavioral and learning disabilities, develop cognitive functions, hone communication skills, promote hearing and language development, develop body sensation, expand and restore movement coordination, promote full use of resources. Specializes in stabilizing the respiratory system, setting the voice and improving speech rate. A practical study on the effects of therapeutic breathing and acoustic noise on the psycho-physical aspect of the body's balancing process is currently underway.

.Kristīne Paņko            Vocal teacher, Arts (music) Therapist. Works with children (individually) who have developmental, adaptation, autistic spectrum disorders, neurological disorders and children with language developmental disabilities. Research interests coincide with practice, and a specialized program on how music therapy affects language development in children within autism spectrum is currently being developed

Jurita Smiltiņa          Certified consulting Psychologist, Certified Sand play Therapy practitioner. Has 15 years of experience in Psychological counseling. Professional interests - parent-child relationships, personality development, sports psychology.

Grieta Pīrāga Audiologist/speech therapist and Arts (music) therapist. Works with children, adolescents, adults individually and in groups. Patients of interest: adults with depression and / or anxiety symptoms.