Music therapy                                          Vibroacoustic therapy                                                                                                                            Sand play therapy                                                  Music therapy in group                                           


Therapy Center Sounds and music

The priority of the therapy center is teamwork. By working together in a multidisciplinary team, different professionals have the opportunity to make therapy more effective: 
                    · A common strategy
                    · Progress towards objectives
                    · Development of methods / tasks
During the therapy process - in a team - each specialist has his / her own professional place, but in order to promote developing results, the center team offers:
                   · Personal responsibility
                   · Action in decision-making
                   · Mutual respect
                   · Trust and security
                   · Loyalty and support
                   · Open communication
One of the most important tasks of the center is to offer a holistic approach to therapy based on research-based medical care:
                   · Treatment
                   · Rehabilitation
                   · Prevention